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Research at the forefront of organic, organometallic, inorganic, and mechanistic chemistry at the University of California, Irvine

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Latest News:

March 28: Kristof, Quinn, and Tony present their microscopy results in Germany at the first-ever Probing Chemical Reactions by Single-Molecule Spectroscopy conference. Prof. Blum presents a keynote.

March 4: Our research on Single-Polymer-Particle Growth Kinetics with Molecular Catalysts Speciation and Single-Turnover Imaging was published in ACS Catalysis. Congrats to our Microscopy Team.
March 14: Our work on Copper-Catalyzed Aminoborationfrom Hydrazones To Generate Borylated Pyrazoles was published in Organic Letters. Congrats to Dr. Tu and Scott. Double Kimboration!
Feb 7: Welcome new Postdoctoral Scholar, David Josh Dibble.
Dec 19: Congratulations, Dr. Kristof Jess, for earning the prestigious Rochow Award from TU Braunschweig. Dr. Jess received this award for his excellent Ph. D. thesis.
Dec 5: We have two new graduate students joining the group, Joe Kaplan and Tristen Tagawa. Welcome to the team!
Nov 26: Congratulations to Dr. Kim N. Tu for a successful thesis defense regarding borylative heterocyclization! 
Oct 11: Our research on transition-metal-free synthesis of borylated thiophenes via formal thioboration was published in Org. Lett. Congrats, Hassen!