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Research at the forefront of organic, organometallic, inorganic, and mechanistic chemistry at the University of California, Irvine

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Latest News:

June 5: Congratulations to Dr. Kristof Jess, Dr. Kazuhiro Kitagawa, and Tristen K. S. Tagawa for their published studies in JACS. Their research showcased the predictive power of microscopy techniques in organozinc reagent synthesis. How brilliant!

June 4: Chao Gao and Tony Garcia pass their advancement to candidacy exams. Congrats on becoming senior students and advancing to your next stage of studies.

May 22: Congrats to Scott Kim for the Don Bunker award. This prestigious award was earned by Scott for his excellence in research and coursework. We are very proud your achievements!

May 22: Welcome new graduate student, Erin Hanada!

May 18: Our undergraduate students, David and Scott, gave stellar presentations at the UROP symposium talks.

May 15: Our “Mechanistic Studies of Formal Thioboration Reactions of Alkynes” were highlighted in a virtual issue; Advances in Boron Chemistry: The Legacy of Fred Hawthorne.

March 28: Kristof, Quinn, and Tony present their microscopy results in Germany at the first-ever Probing Chemical Reactions by Single-Molecule Spectroscopy conference. Prof. Blum presents a keynote.

March 4: Our research on Single-Polymer-Particle Growth Kinetics with Molecular Catalysts Speciation and Single-Turnover Imaging was published in ACS Catalysis. Congrats to our Microscopy Team.
March 14: Our work on Copper-Catalyzed Aminoborationfrom Hydrazones To Generate Borylated Pyrazoles was published in Organic Letters. Congrats to Dr. Tu and Scott. Double Kimboration!
Feb 7: Welcome new Postdoctoral Scholar, David Josh Dibble.
Dec 19: Congratulations, Dr. Kristof Jess, for earning the prestigious Rochow Award from TU Braunschweig. Dr. Jess received this award for his excellent Ph. D. thesis.
Dec 5: We have two new graduate students joining the group, Joe Kaplan and Tristen Tagawa. Welcome to the team!
Nov 26: Congratulations to Dr. Kim N. Tu for a successful thesis defense regarding borylative heterocyclization! 
Oct 11: Our research on transition-metal-free synthesis of borylated thiophenes via formal thioboration was published in Org. Lett. Congrats, Hassen!